Nick Moloney’s Vendee Globe

17 October 2004

Nick Moloney’s Vendee Globe

On 7 November 2004,  Sail 4 Cancer patron Nick Moloney set off on on the worlds toughest sailing race, The Vendee Globe, with the aim of raising over £42,000 for the charity.

Nick’s Vendee campaign was brought to an unjust end when Skandia’s keel developed a fault which resulted in it breaking away from the hull 250 miles off the coast of Brazil.  Had this happened in the Southern Ocean it is doubtful whether Nick would have survived.  Thankfully, Nick is now safe and well in Rio.

Nick remains the first sailor ever to complete three circumnavigations in three disciplines, crewed non-stop, crewed with stops and solo non-stop.  Nick is truly a sailing legend and we are proud to have him as one of our Patrons.

It is not to late to help Nick’s fund raising campaign however.  We now have a chance to beat Nick to the finish in this virtual race!  Funds can still be donated online!  The funds raised will be divided 50/50 between the UK and Australian iterations of the charity (Sail 4 Cancer has a subsidiary down under!)

Nick said:

“It is a privilege for me to hold such a close affiliation with this charity. The impact of cancer has massive implications on the world today and I know that no matter how large or small our efforts in fund raising or awareness, it will be the HOPE that I personally seek to generate.

I have been a patron for the Sail 4 Cancer for 18 months and my father is a director of the charity’s Australian based division. Over the past few months my father has been diagnosed with cancer of the liver, lymph nodes and lungs, the news initially zapped my energy as sadness tore apart my soul. I was on the other side of the world campaigning towards a major goal, a selfish goal, a goal that requires solitude and absence at a time when my family needs me and when I need them more than ever before.

I wondered in silence and fought against my mind in order to stay on track. I flew back to Australia to be with my family and during that visit it occurred to me that I have the tools to give hope, to provide energy, to motivate the fight, to create belief.

This year, in association with Sail 4 Cancer, I had a book published about my Jules Verne record with Bruno Peyron and the crew of the maxi catamaran Orange. In the final pages, I explain what I feel adventure sailing brings to society and it clearly sums up why on November 7th 2004, I will leave life on land to circumnavigate the world under sail, alone. By the end of this journey we hope to have raised £42,000 (60,000 Euros) through various means, equalling the amount raised during 2004 Skandia Cowes Week. This money will go towards cancer research and provide sailing opportunities for cancer patients and their families, in the hope that their quality of life may be improved.

Through Sail 4 Cancer this adventure will be shared with thousands of people who need to believe that anything is possible and continue to fight against pain or sorrow. My Dad’s initial diagnosis was a term that could expire prior to the finish of our journey. I know that he will see me finish this, because he believes in the quest and the dream. This will keep him strong.”

Nick Moloney’s Vendee Globe
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