The All Girls Team – Round Britain & Ireland

20 February 2006

Ten gutsy girls will be competing in one of the toughest offshore sailing races, The Sevenstar Round Britain and Ireland Race, with the aim not only to beat the boys but to raise £100,000 for Sail 4 Cancer.

On the 7 August the the team, called ‘The All Girls’ team, will leave Cowes and spend at least the next two weeks at sea enduring incredibly tough conditions.  They will have to cover over 1,760 miles of sea and navigate safely through some of the most treacherous coastline in the world.

This determined bunch of girls are from a varied background but one thing for sure is that they won’t let anything get them down.  They are determined to do well in the race and raise as much for Sail 4 Cancer as they can in the process.

The girls would not be able to do this without the help of Global Yacht Racing (GYR) – a company that offers people the opportunity to compete in the world’s most infamous sailing events.  Without the logistical expertise of the team at GYR, this challenge would not be possible.

RBI Girls - Fundraising Event

The team are aiming to raise £100,000 for Sail 4 Cancer and they have already begun organising all sorts of fundraising events from crew parties to boat scrubs, jazz evenings to pub quiz nights!  The team have even launched their own cook boot to raise funds!   The money raised will enable Sail 4 Cancer to fund 10 sailing centres around the UK and Ireland, offering over 300 sailing days a year to local cancer hospices and support groups.

Commenting on the announcement, Emma Huddert from Sail 4 Cancer said:

As a keen sailor myself, I fully appreciate what a monumental challenge this is.  Everyone at Sail 4 Cancer is incr

edibly grateful to the girls for their dedication and energy.  The funds and awareness that they have raised have been an inspiration to us all. We cannot thank them enough!”

The girls share their thoughts on supporting Sail 4 Cancer:

“In one way or another cancer affects us all and it our responsibility to do what we can to help those who are affected by this terrible disease. I really want to have the opportunity to put something back into the community. I love sailing and to be able to use that passion to help people who have not been so fortunate is very important to me.” Emma Kennard

“The only reason I am entering this race is because we can hopefully raise funds and really make a difference to people’s lives.” Gaye Boyman

“For me personally, being out on a boat and at the mercy of the sea is the most enlivening experience. Whenever I am having a bad day, or need to put life in perspective, I head for the coast. If I can contribute in any way to help those affected by cancer to ‘escape’ for even one day from their daily battle that means a lot to me.” Alex Grimes

“The ocean delivers us a sense of freedom like no other…so why would you not want to support a charity that gives people the opportunity to experience the biggest playground on earth and the opportunity to live a lot more.” Kate Stallard

The All Girls Team – Round Britain & Ireland
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