Team Superyacht 60/40

05 August 2013

An intrepid group of individuals, who all work in or are linked in some way to the Superyacht Industry have joined together as the “Superyacht 60/40 Team” to raise funds for Sail 4 Cancer by participating in the Liferaft Challenge 2013!

They will each spend 24 hours inside a liferaft in small groups to raise funds for Sail 4 Cancer.  The team will have to battle discomfort, extreme cold, lack of sleep and with no access to sanitary facilities whatsoever!

Team Members

  • Vanessa Hodgson
  • Claire Grey
  • Joelle Humphreys
  • Tania Pilcher
  • Oli Tuckett
  • Tim Davies
  • Suzie Hine
  • Derek Payne
  • Matt Buley
  • Glen Taylor
  • Derek Munro
  • Jonathan Davies
  • Daniel Trenaman
  • Sam Perry
  • Alex Whitehead
  • Terry Wilson
  • Albert McIlroy
  • Robert Aldous
  • Rachel Weddle
  • Kerry Pettitt
  • David Goldie

You can donate below to support the individuals listed or you can donate to the whole team by clicking on the ‘Donate to Superyacht 60/40 Team’ button below. Thank you very much for your support and an even bigger thank you to the wonderful people who are taking part to help families living with cancer.

You can watch how the team got on with their challenge at:

(Campaign Now Closed)



Team Superyacht 60/40
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