Sutton SC Experience That Sinking Feeling!

02 October 2009

Sutton Sailing Club entered this year’s Southport 24 Hour Race feeling very confident given their performances in recent years.  So what happened to this year’s challenge?!?!?!?

Despite strange rumours of some people partying very hard on Friday night (and even stranger ones of someone partying so hard they ended up crashing out in their van, feet sticking out of the door) the team was ready for action by the time the gun went off at 12.00 hours on Saturday.  Team Sail 4 Cancer – Sutton SC, made up of Chris Anderson, Andy ‘Taxi’ Davies of Speed Sails, Lucy Evans, Jim Hunt of Purple Sails, Heather Jones, Justin Jones, Simon Potts and Chris Robinson sailed with great enthusiasm and determination.

Manager Martin Evans and his team really got into the spirit of it all, not only de  termined to see the charity’s name on the winner’s roster, but also to support Sail 4 Cancer through fundraising – and they definitely succeeded, raising an excellent £500. Special thanks go to Ben Estaugh of Speed Sails, who not only supplied a Sail 4 Cancer to emblazon the sails, but also donated Speed Sail t-shirts for people to buy, all the proceeds of which went to the charity. Noble Marine also deserve thanks, for insuring the boat for free, as they were sailing to raise funds.

Back to the sailing, and Martin is convinced that his team was in with more than just a chance.

He explains:

“We were in third place and closing in… until the boat started sinking.”

A faulty seal was identified in their brand new boat, which had to be taken off the water to be emptied (which takes longer than you might think).  Despite the crisis the team went on to finish in 7th place!  Not bad, when all is taken into account.  And despite their boat being awash with the waters of Southport’s Marine Lake, the spirits of Team S4C- Sutton SC were not remotely dampened.

Martin concluded:

“We’ll be back next year.  We’ll raise even more funds for Sail 4 Cancer and we’ll WIN the race!”

Sutton SC Experience That Sinking Feeling!
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