Sunsail Partnership Announced

10 March 2009

Sunsail and Sail 4 Cancer have announced an exciting new partnership, offering respite opportunities to those living with cancer in the form of heavily subsidised family holidays.

Funds for the initiative will be raised by asking every Sunsail customer whether they are willing to add a mere £1 per person on to their holiday booking, which Sunsail themselves will then match pound for pound. This amount will also be supplemented by running events and competitions in Sunsail resorts and therefore in total Sunsail hopes to help Sail 4 Cancer fund around 40 subsidised holiday places this summer.

Chair of Trustees at Sail 4 Cancer, Graham Precey, stated:

“We are delighted to have this wonderful opportunity to offer even more respite to people living with cancer. We know from past experience just what a difference these opportunities make to people’s lives and we are extremely grateful to Sunsail for making this possible.”

Something as seemingly simple as a family holiday, at a time when cash for such a luxury is probably out of the question, can make a huge difference. Suddenly instead of just treatment dates and hospital appointments looming, everyone has something positive to look forward to. Quality time spent together in a different environment, relaxing, perhaps learning a new sport together can re-strengthen relationships and rebuild confidence. Additionally, the fact that no-one at the resort knows about the cancer diagnosis gives the family a chance to be “normal” for a few days.

Sunsail Managing Director Cheryl Powell commented:

“Sail 4 Cancer is a superb initiative and we are delighted to be able to support such a worthy charity. By matching every single pound donated by customers with an additional one from Sunsail, we are looking to raise a fantastic sum of money that will enable us to make a real difference.”

If you know of someone you think may benefit from a subsidised family holiday abroad, please get in touch.

Sunsail Partnership Announced
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