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Please Keep Up All Your Good Work

You may remember us from last year, you were kind enough to arrange a fantastic day out for the Battle family. Unfortunately, our beautiful brave Sarah lost her fight against cancer 3 weeks ago.

I just wanted to take the opportunity to thank you all once again for arranging a day which has so many fantastic memories for us. It was just the kind of day that Sarah really enjoyed, lovely weather, all her family around her, something new to try, good company and celebrities just being warm human beings – involved because they want to and not for the publicity it generates for them.

In addition to the great memories, it also inspired Rhys to go for a weeks ocean sailing, and both of my elder boys have enrolled for some dinghy sailing lessons.

Please keep up all your good work. It is impossible for people not in our situation to understand just how precious the memories of such a great day can be.



Please Keep Up All Your Good Work
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