Sail 4 Cancer Surprises At Southport 24 Hour Race

24 September 2004

Sail 4 Cancer Surprises At Southport 24 Hour Race

After a 20 year absence, the legendary Tim Southworth returned to Southport to lead the Sail 4 Cancer ‘A Team’ to finish in sixth place, winning the Eric Brown Trophy. The team of nine, sailing a GP14 loaned to Sail 4 Cancer for the weekend by Richard Estaugh (Speed Sails), included former B14 World Champions Sean Dwyer and Sean Barber, Chris and Dick Parker and Phil Ford. Paul Simes, the President of the GP14 Class Association, added more calibre to this all star team. Paul’s son, Tom, an accomplished GP crew himself also did his bit.

In its second year as Official Charity of the Southport 24 Hour Dinghy Race, the Sail 4 Cancer ‘B Team’ did not fare so well. After sailing for 12 hours, then in 16th place overall, one of the other 82 boats lost control in the Force 7/8 winds and veered into the side of the B Team’s boat.  The resulting 2 by 6 inch hole in the side ended the second’s team’s campaign for 2004!  The B Team was awarded a redress due to a rule infringement by the offending boat.  Based on an average lap speed, the team was awarded 19th place overall at the end of the race.

The casualty list that night was high.  Capsizes at the leeward mark were commonplace for even the most experienced of teams.  Many teams, unable to cope in the gale force gusts elected to retire until the morning when conditions were forecasted to improve.

A number of teams decided to raise funds for Sail 4 Cancer. Early indications suggest that over £2,000 has been raised for the race’s Official Charity. Because Sail 4 Cancer is run entirely on a voluntary basis, these funds will really make a difference. Next year, Sail 4 Cancer hopes many more teams will take advantage of the Free Entry Initiative through raising funds for the Charity.

Sail 4 Cancer Surprises At Southport 24 Hour Race
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