Southampton Students Raises Funds For Sail 4 Cancer

11 June 2004

Students from Southampton Institute (now called the Solent University) have raised almost £2,000 for the charity through the organisation of a series of events that have taken place between January and March.

Given that the aim of Sail 4 Cancer is to provide sailing opportunities for cancer patients and their families, most of the events were developed to reflect the nautical focus of the charity.

Students from BA (Hons) Watersports Studies with Management, BA (Hons) Outdoor Adventure Management and BA (Hons) Maritime Leisure Management embarked upon the event activities as part of a self-defined management project connected with their Managing Leisure Operations unit. This gave them the opportunity to manage and run an event of their own design, while raising money for charity.

In all eight events took place, including the Lewmar Winch Challenge held at this year’s London Boat Show; a 24 hour sponsored dingy sail; a nautical themed art competition at Droxford Primary School; a wakeboarding / knee boarding day out at JB Watersports and a telephone competition supported by Marine Call to win three day sailing places on Mike Goldings famous Ecover yacht. In addition, a series of supporting social events contributed to the overall total raised. Other sponsors included Zap Cats UK, Selmar Maritime Consultants and Fairlop Watersports Centre.

Debbie Hodges, Senior Lecturer and Project Leader, commented:

“The students have worked really hard for this charity. We would also like to thank all our sponsors for their support. The money raised will be spent on taking six families that are affected by cancer out on the water. This will provide respite for those closest to the patient. It will also provide both families and patients with lasting memories of a shared experience.

However, the outcome of these fundraising efforts is actually not just about the money our students have managed to raised. Equally important is the need to raise awareness for this young charity, so the publicity they manage to attract for the charity is actually is central their contribution to this cause.

With regards to the learning experience, the emphasis was on helping students to understand a range of managerial aspects, for example, learning to work with others and communicating effectively, planning projects, learning to deal with conflict and also coping with uncertainty.”

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