Skin Cancer Campaign Boosted By FatFace

01 November 2010

FatFace Sun HatGiven the prevalence of skin cancer within the sailing community, Sail 4 Cancer has re-launched its campaign to encourage sailors to wear hats when out on the water. Sailors are much more susceptible to the effects of the sun because water reflects the sun’s rays upwards – so in effect sailors are getting exposed twice.

The campaign which is called ‘Keep It In The Dark‘ will hopefully provide a blatant reminder to sailors to keep their faces and neck ‘in the dark’ when out on the water.  When you consider that there are over 2,000 deaths per annum in the UK from skin cancer, this campaign could save someone’s life.

The campaign has received a significant boost from long-time partner FatFace, a brand which has a long association with water-sports.  They have very kindly donated a large number of wide brim sun hats which we will give away by way of competitions and also sell to raise valuable funds for the charity.

Sail 4 Cancer’s ‘Keep It In The Dark’ campaign was originally launched in May 2007 alongside FatFace, Gill Marine, Liz Earle, Neilson Active Holidays and Ullman Sails Eyewear.

Graham Precey, Chairman at Sail 4 Cancer explained:

Liz Earle Suncream SPF20“Together we created a whole range of kit which will help protect your skin from sun damage. ‘Keep it in the Dark’ was set up to inform people of the risks they are taking and how to protect themselves against this potential killer. With over 75,000 new cases diagnosed in the UK each year¹, skin cancer is 99% curable if caught early enough², however prevention is much more preferable.

An understanding of skin cancer prevention is crucial, especially among sailors and other watersports enthusiasts. The support we have received from our sponsors has been wonderful and shows just how strongly they all feel about promoting awareness of this disease which is potentially fatal and yet so easily preventable.

Although the message is serious, the campaign is seriously fun! Watch out this summer for some naughty garden moles spreading the word and a competition that could see you winning some great new kit for you and your crew!”

Denise Hancock, Clinical Nurse Specialist Skin Cancer, Department of Dermatology Southampton University Hospitals NHS Trust added:

Gill Marine UV Tec Polo Shirt Navy“Skin cancer is one of the biggest cancer risks facing people today. It is well documented that accumulative sun damage can result in the formation of skin cancer. As outdoor sporting enthusiasts, the sailing fraternity are constantly being subjected to the sun’s rays. A few simple precautions can minimise the risk – remember a suntan is not sexy! It often heralds the formation of thickened and wrinkly skin!”

For more information about the ‘Keep it in the Dark’ campaign please see the website at  In addition to finding out more about protecting yourself from the damaging effects of the sun, you can also buy a range of sun hats and UV protected clothing through to sun cream and sunglasses, all with a significant amount from each purchase benefiting Sail 4 Cancer.

Thank you very much for your support!


¹ Source: Cancer Research UK
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Skin Cancer Campaign Boosted By FatFace
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