Sail The English Channel In A Dinghy!

26 May 2011

Following her father’s diagnosis of bile duct and pancreatic cancer, Charlotte Steel felt inspired to take on a significant challenge whilst raising funds for Sail 4 Cancer to help others in a similar situation.  Charlotte felt the challenge needed to be related to their shared passion of sailing.

She explained:

“My Dad first took me sailing when I was 11 years old and we developed a great father daughter bond that has helped make me into the person I am today.  I decided in order to try and raise a substantial amount, something really BIG was called for, so this inspired me to think of sailing from Dover to Calais in Enterprises (a 4 metre long, two person dinghy). I plan to sail in my Dad’s boat ‘Jalousie’ in order to keep the challenge personal to me, but there will be a total of five boats sailing, with ten people as helms and crew. There will also be a fabulous back-up team for safety and to act as escort.  If you could kindly support this marvellous charity through our endeavours with your donations, however large or small, we would be eternally grateful.”

A really BIG Challenge

The Dover Strait is the busiest shipping lane in the world. The passage of ships through the Dover Strait is further complicated by the presence of strong tides, sandbanks, shoals and a great deal of concentrated cross-channel traffic. Additionally weather conditions in the Strait are liable to rapid change. Even in comparatively light winds, the strong tides can give rise to rough seas with steep breaking waves. Visibility is often poor, changing quickly to dense fog, even in strong or gale-force winds, rendering navigation difficult. (Source: Maritime & Coastguard Agency)

We at Sail 4 Cancer wish Charley and her team every success in their epic challenge.  After last Autumn’s cancellation due to adverse weather conditions, this years’ attempt on 14 May was also cancelled due to poor weather! Charley will not be deterred however and a new date WILL be set so watch this space!

(Please note that all money raised will go to Sail 4 Cancer and will not be used to fund the challenge.)



Sail The English Channel In A Dinghy!
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