Sail 4 Cancer In Spain With Lilly Oncology

07 July 2005

In early July, Sail 4 Cancer took a small group of cancer patients sailing in the Mediterranean thanks to the support of Lilly Oncology.

The trips were arranged for Spanish cancer patients thanks to a special grant from Lilly Oncology and help from legendary Spanish sailor, Javier Aguado Blanco. The patients, none of whom had ever been sailing, were overjoyed to have the experience to get out on the water and the combination of favourable winds and Spanish sunshine meant that no-one was disappointed.

During the event, Sail 4 Cancer Trustee, Richard Groome had the opportunity to join an international panel for a press conference at the 11th World Conference on Lung Cancer. The media and audience were keen to learn about the work of Sail 4 Cancer however the real stars of the show were cancer patients: Sancho Gracia (a high profile Spanish actor) and Jane Tomlinson (the inspiring sports woman who has terminal breast cancer see for more information).

Also on the panel was Professor Nick Thatcher and Dr Luis Paz-Ares (both leading lung cancer specialists), whilst the event was chaired by Edmundo Muniz (VP R&D Lily Oncology)

Special thanks are extended to both Lilly Oncology and the team at Fleishman Europe for making this possible.

Sail 4 Cancer In Spain With Lilly Oncology
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