Sail 4 Cancer Calendar By Kos!

31 August 2007

In partnership with Kos Pictures, Sail 4 Cancer are launching a new vibrant 2008 sailing calendar to raise substantial funds for the charity!

Sail 4 Cancer has teamed up with Kos, one of sports most prestigious photgraphers, to produce a calander for 2008 showcasing the best of her marine work.

From the moment she was given her first camera, aged six, Kos knew what she wanted to do with her life. It was while she was at college however that she first found herself at the top of a mast with her camera. She was doing a stint on a powerboat stand at the London Boat Show, when a bet was made between some of the stands to climb the mast of a square rigger. “Of course I was the one to do it, saw what a great shot of the show I could take from the masthead and went back to get my camera,” explains Kos. The Daily Express picked up on it and her picture made the papers the next day.

Her commitment to ? and fame for – taking shots from new and unusual angles, whatever the danger, has continued from that moment onwards. Shooting from such tricky places as mastheads, powerboats, helicopters and on horseback, Kos’s huge repertoire of sporting photography includes being official photographer for America’s Cup teams, Whitbread Campaigns, the McLaren Formula 1 Team, the J&B White Water Rafting Championships and the European Horseball Championships.

The calendar itself is a highly prestigious publication, which would make an especially great present for any sailing enthusiast.

With 12 of Kos’ most talked about and infamous shots some that have never been published before this is a beautiful calendar, with all proceeds donated to Sail 4 Cancer. This is an easy and great way to support Sail 4 Cancer; this A2 calendar will add colour to any wall it is hung upon!

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Sail 4 Cancer Calendar By Kos!
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