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30 August 2007

Sail 4 Cancer - Youth Cancer TrustSail 4 Cancer and The Youth Cancer Trust (YCT) are working together to help young people enjoy the thrills of sailing. Both charities provide days out and holidays for people affected by cancer. The main differences between the two charities is that that the YCT only focuses on young people aged 14 to 25 whereas Sail 4 Cancer helps the whole family unit irrespective of age.

The first of many days out took place on the Solent this week, hosted by Sail 4 Cancer General Manager, Emma Huddert.  Emma joined a group of young ladies aged between 20 and 25 for an unforgettable day out!

Sail 4 Cancer - Youth Cancer TrustEmma explained:

“The girls arrived dressed like something out of ‘Pirates of the Caribbean’, which was really how the rest of the day was to carry on, with some good honest fun! After breakfast onboard the girls were introduced to the safety procedures and how the winches worked.  Once they were all togged up in their life jackets, we were ready head out into the Solent.”

Sail 4 Cancer - Youth Cancer Trust 5With the entire boat filled with giggles and laughter, everyone got involved with preparing the boat ready for sailing.  Up went the sails with Peta and Emma at the mast and Becky and Megan on the halyards.  With all the sails up and the boat starting to power up all you could hear was laughter as the girls sat up on the high side!  Whilst tacking out in to the Solent all the girls got involved with maneuvering the boat.

As the breeze eased off, it was time for the knot tying competition; all were eager to learn and listened quietly to the story of the rabbit and the tree (the explanation of how to tie that most important of knots), the Bowline.

With aSail 4 Cancer - Youth Cancer Trustn enjoyable and fun sail down to Hurst Castle all had the chance to get involved with hoisting sails, maneuvering the yacht and helming.  All team members grew in confidence massivelty over the course of the day and it was great to see the girls get to grips with steering the boat up wind.

The day was a great success and after a long and fantastic day on the water, all headed back to Bournemouth with huge smiles.  All were desperate to get out on the water again!

The sailing day had given these young women a chance to regain confidence in themselves and their bodies and they realised that even after experiencing cancer, they could still give everything a go!

Sail 4 Cancer - Youth Cancer TrustSome comments from the crew!

“Thank you for a lovely day out sailing.  Both Meg and I had a great time.  We both were very nervous but we are really glad we gave it a go. Thanks to both you and Tim for being so patient with us as well” Becky & Megan

“We had such a great day sailing with you.  I still can’t stop smiling when I tell people about it!  When we returned to the house that evening I was swaying from side to side… my balance wasn’t quite back to normal until the next day!” Karen

Partnership With Your Cancer Trust
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