Partnership With Fred Olsen Cruises Grows

17 March 2016

Fred. Olsen Cruise Lines is proud to be supporting the work of cancer charity Sail 4 Cancer, which provides much-needed respite holidays for cancer sufferers, their families and carers, with fundraising across its fleet of four ships – Balmoral, Braemar, Boudicca and Black Watch.

Since the partnership between Fred. Olsen and Sail 4 Cancer began in 2009, the charity has sent 168 cancer patients and their family members on Fred. Olsen cruise holidays, and the cruise line has donated £11,760.50 in charitable fundraising.

Peter Deer, Commercial Director for Fred. Olsen Cruise Lines, said:

“Fred. Olsen Cruise Lines has been working with Sail 4 Cancer since 2009, by supplying discounted cruise holidays for cancer patients, their families and carers, as well as organising fundraising activities on board our four cruise ships. The work of Sail 4 Cancer is invaluable in providing cancer patients and their families with a break from their difficult lives at home and, from what we hear, the break helps to make such a difference to all those involved.”

Andrew Hayward, Trustee of Sail 4 Cancer, said:

“From the moment that you are diagnosed with cancer, your life is taken over by hospital visits, treatments, tests, uncertainty, and often, financial worries. For a day or a few weeks, Sail 4 Cancer takes cancer patients and their families away from the disease and the nightmare that they are living through. We offer a variety of respite experiences, thereby giving them the opportunity to switch off from the realities of everyday life. “We would like to thank Fred. Olsen Cruise Lines for their continued support and for helping to improve the quality of life, both our patients and their immediate families.”

Sail 4 Cancer has sent a number of its beneficiaries on Fred. Olsen cruises, and the feedback has been excellent:

“I hadn’t realised how fatigued and stressed I was until I started to relax and unwind on-board. I feel like my old self again, me before cancer, and that hasn’t happened since I was diagnosed. I can’t put down in writing how much this holiday has done for me.” Katrina

“The break has increased enormously my confidence in myself. I have, in many ways, lost so much over the past 2 years and this has helped to make me see that there is still joy in life. I found so many people travelling on their own and how positive they were about themselves and their choices in life is really inspiring. I have arrived home much happier in my own skin.” Carol

Partnership With Fred Olsen Cruises Grows
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