Ogston Sailing Club Raise £3,500

02 October 2009

Ogston Sailing ClubThroughout the year the amazing people at Ogston Sailing Club have made a great effort to raise generous donations in support of Sail 4 Cancer that will help to change someone’s life. Their immense efforts have raised over £3,500 for Sail 4 Cancer over the last ten months!  We cannot thank them enough!

Mat Dyson explains:

“When I was given the job of youth charity fund raiser I didn’t realise who and what obstacles I was gong to come against whilst trying to lead a strong team to making a life changing total of money. I think that over the year we have done really well doing tombola’s, collections at DYS events, boat trips (at open day on Moby), Raffles, Wednesday night suppers, charity auctions, sponsored silences, an impressive sponsored bike ride, badge selling, t-shirt and key ring selling and much much more.

This year started off as a push to win the Sail 4 Cancer trophy at the Southport 24hr race, but throughout the year, I believe that the members of Ogston Sailing Club have used it as more than that and Sail 4 Cancer has become a friend to us all becoming a large part of many of our lives and I’m sure that the money that we have raised will become a very important part of the lives of some of the people out there who have cancer.

Even though there are too many people to name who have contributed to gain our total I would like to thank some people who stepped in from outside and really made a difference. Firstly I would like to thank Roy and Paul Goodison. Without Roy we may not have been able to contact Paul to get any items for our charity auction and without the kind donations from Paul we would have had nothing to sell and a large amount of our total wouldn’t be there. Also I would like to thank Pentagon Toyota for their donations of a digital camera and a key ring to the tombola prize list, which I believe will have encouraged more people to part with their money and have a go. Furthermore I would like to thank Factory Foods who provided over 50 prizes to the tombola and again greatly boosted our fundraising efforts. Finally I would like to thank Cathy Jenkins and Andrew Hayward from Sail 4 Cancer itself as they have been very supportive all of the time and have been the bit of inspiration we needed when the going got tough.

Thanks to everyone who helped fundraise (especially our four legged fundraising friend George), the £3500 we raised out of the event total of £6000 showed great team Ogston Spirit and Dedication.”

Mat Dyson

Ogston Sailing Club Raise £3,500
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