More Cancer Patients Enjoy A Neilson Holiday

14 April 2005

Sail 4 Cancer’s partnership with Neilson to get cancer patients sailing this summer is beginning to make a difference. So far this summer, sixty eight people who have been affected by cancer (of all ages), have traveled to a Neilson Beachplus Resort as part of their recovery plan.

Sail 4 Cancer has committed £20,000 to these Holidays in 2005.  Neilson has discounted these holidays by a whopping 50% and Sail 4 Cancer will pay the first £1,000 of the cost for each group.

Initial feedback has been fantastic as you would expect from such a fantastic holiday company.

Susan from South London said:

“With sick children, everything is governed by the children’s health; it’s a cloud that’s permanently hanging over you. We couldn’t do this sort of thing normally, we couldn’t just go sailing. And with all the children’s needs so well catered for, it was just wonderful.”

Graham Precey, Chairman at Sail 4 Cancer added:

“During the most difficult of times, having something amazing to look forward to can be a massive boost.  By keeping people active and allowing them to try a range of new sports, Neilson Active holidays allow people to switch off from the reality of their situation at home and properly relax.  The experience of being away has the power to recharge people’s energy banks for the fight that lies ahead.”

We cannot thank the amazing people Neilson enough for all their support.  If you know of someone who would benefit from this type of experience in 2006 please get in touch.


More Cancer Patients Enjoy A Neilson Holiday
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