Marine Industry Ladies In A Liferaft

26 October 2012

Eight ladies from the marine industry are going to spend 24 hours in an eight person liferaft in total survival mode to raise funds for Sail 4 Cancer.

Team Members

  • Mandy Chapman –
  • Jo Dixie Goodwin – PSP
  • Bree Barnes – Dasic Marine
  • Chrissie Capel –
  • Carol Brant – PSP
  • Hannah Clark – PSP
  • Carly Parrick – Rose Road Association
  • Lesley Fitt – Sailing Networks

Now YOU can ask those searching questions…

  • Did they all get on?
  • How did they manage with lack of toilet facilities?
  • What did they eat?
  • Were they bored?
  • Were they seasick?

With each new donation we will spill the beans on what really happened!  Ask your question when you donate and we will post the answer here!

Thank you everyone who has donated it really helped us through the 24 hours.  Thank you so much!

(Campaign Now Closed)

Marine Industry Ladies In A Liferaft
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