James Hardiman’s Second AZAB

01 April 2019

Ocean Elements Fluke - Sail 4 CancerOn the 1st of June 2019, long time support of the charity James Hardiman will embark on a journey of a 2,000+ miles from Falmouth to the Azores and back, in support of Sail 4 Cancer.  Known as the AZAB (short for Azores And Back), the race is one of the most famous and challenging offshore races for solo sailors.  This is the second time James has entered the AZAB in support of Sail 4 Cancer having completed the race in 2011 with his father!

The race will take a minimum of 9-10 days of non-stop racing, and to make matters more challenging, James will be competing Solo! This non-stop, singlehanded yacht race is across a serious piece of ocean too where competitors must battle hard with sleep deprivation and sea sickness, to name but a few of the challenges which lie ahead!

James’ yacht Fluke is a J105 and he is known for his meticulous detail to his boats – as a solo racer there is no space for breakages as there’s no one to help when something goes wrong – so the boat has to be in A1 condition, especially for an oceanic race like the AZAB.  The AZAB race claims a lot of retired boats due to breakage.  In all cases the adage remains true that you first need to finish to win it – or at least stand a chance of a good place!

James aims to raise a total of £2,000 which he plans to donate to Sail 4 Cancer; a great charity very close to James’ heart.  James’ company Ocean Elements has raised thousands for Sail 4 Cancer in recent years and the company also helps by receiving cancer sufferers on their holidays as a form of palliative care.  All donations will be much appreciated, from £2 to £20 to…sky’s the limit!

Thank you James for his unwavering support. Thank you James very much indeed!  Please donate to James’ fundraising campaign in support of Sail 4 Cancer here.

James Hardiman’s Second AZAB
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