Hudson Wight to Sail 4 Cancer

05 February 2014

Hudson Wight Sailing JacketRecently launched performance sailwear company Hudson Wight is supporting Sail 4 Cancer at a range of UK regattas this year.  Participants at a number of events where Sail 4 Cancer is the chosen charity will be able to win a set of Hudson Wight HW1s by entering prize draws, competitions and event raffles.

The charity will be providing a range of Hudson Wight prizes at industry regattas ranging from the Profile Cup and Legal Cup organised by Britannia Events, to the Henry Coanda Challenge and Torbay Week, one of the oldest regattas in the country.

Lizette van Niekerk, Sail 4 Cancer’s Fundraising Manager said:

“The support of Hudson Wight will enable us to raise funds to provide much-needed respite breaks for families affected by cancer. This year we hope to help a record number of families.”

Sail 4 Cancer has also joined the Hudson Wight Affiliate Scheme which gives Sail 4 Cancer supporters 10% off their bill.  What’s more, 15% of the total value of each Sail 4 Cancer related sale will go to Sail 4 Cancer.  Simply enter the promo code SAIL 4 CANCER when ordering from:

Launched in August 2013, Hudson Wight is the latest brand of performance sailwear to enter the specialist clothing market. What marks them out is their business model which is built around only selling direct via an Affiliate Scheme that gives Clubs, Classes and other sailing related organisations a 15% rebate. This is in contrast to all other brands in this industry that sell through independent stockists and the result is that Hudson Wight can offer its core products at much lower prices than comparable competition because there is no retail mark up.

Hudson Wight to Sail 4 Cancer
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