Boatshed Partnership Announced

13 September 2012

Sail 4 Cancer has launched a ‘boat donation’ model following the huge success of the concept in the United States. Launched in partnership with leading boat brokerage Boatshed, this new campaign focuses on new tax efficient boat disposal options aided by the UK’s Gift Aid scheme.boatshed-logo-sail4cancer

Sail 4 Cancer Chairman, Graham Precey, explained:

“The pressures of modern life and uncertain economic times mean that a lot of boat owners are unable to use their boats as much as they would like. This often means that repair bills escalate and monthly mooring or yard fees become a burden.

Increasingly, boat owners are looking for an easy solution to dispose of their boat without any fuss or further cost. Our new initiative allows people to dispose of vessels which have become a burden but still have a re-sale value. We call this campaign ‘Donate Your Boat’.

Once accepted for the scheme, any debts owed against the vessel will be paid off from the final selling price, with the net proceeds being passed to Sail 4 Cancer as a donation. To maximise the value of the donation to Sail 4 Cancer, no brokerage fees will apply to the sale – thanks to our partnership with Boatshed. We can also help you to freeze mooring fees whilst the boat is sold.

By donating the net proceeds of the sale to Sail 4 Cancer, UK taxpayers are able to increase the value of their donation to Sail 4 Cancer by 25% under the Government’s Gift Aid scheme. What’s more, higher rate tax payers are also eligible for tax relief which equates to 20% to 30% of the gross value of the gift (1).”

Neil Chapman, Boatshed’s founder, said:

“We’re putting all our weight behind this. The first five boats sold this year will be sold commission free, after which we will apply a reduced commission.”

To find out more, call the Sail 4 Cancer team on 0845 408 1849.

(1) Based on current HMRC rules for the tax year April 2012 to April 2013.

Boatshed Partnership Announced
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