Blokes Adrift In A Liferaft For 24 Hours!

26 October 2012

Four blokes, all ardent Sail 4 Cancer supporters (well… three of them are Sail 4 Cancer trustees and the other is a Doctor), will be spending 24 hours in an eight person liferaft secured to the sea wall in Brighton Marina on 10/11 November. And so the challenge begins!

Lots of questions remain unanswered…

  • Will they be able to deal with the cold and wet conditions inside a liferaft?
  • Will they get sea-sick due to the incoming waves bouncing off the sea walls?
  • Will they be able to resist the temptation to order pizza from the local Italian?
  • What will they do when they need the loo?
  • Will they all survive?

You can follow the challenge LIVE with an hour by hour account of what it’s really like being jammed into a liferaft with four hairy fellas!  Read their tweets and watch snapshot videos… find out what really happens inside!

Live from 12.00 on Saturday 10th November at Brighton Marina.  Spectators are invited to come to the marina to support the boys and heckle from the stability of terra firma!

The Brighton raft is being sponsored by exhibition services and exhibition stands company 200m2 Exhibition Stands. What’s more, until the 24th of December 2012, 200m2 will donate 10% of the value of all exhibition stand hire rentals to Sail 4 Cancer. Find out more at

(Campaign Now Closed)

Blokes Adrift In A Liferaft For 24 Hours!
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