Bill and Batfish V take on the Fastnet

23 July 2015

Bill Blain and the Batfish V crew are taking on this iconic race once again!  They will also be raising funds for Sail 4 Cancer at the same time, helping offer much needed respite to UK families living with cancer.

Bill Blain and his wife Nicola are well known in their home village of Hamble, which they feel is the true centre of UK sailing.  Bill and Nicola bimble their yacht Batfish V around the Southern coasts, while Bill also races his Foxer dinghy in the local fleet. When not commenting on the global economy as a City Strategist, he considers himself an appalling artist who has managed to persuade some local eateries to hang his pictures on their walls.

Bill’s sailing CV is pretty long and includes many regattas, offshore races and trips, but the Fastnet holds a particular fascination for him.

Bill says:

“The crew of Batfish V are proud to support Sail 4 Cancer. Some very dear friends are going through difficult cancer journeys and our admiration for them knows no limits. We’re particularly pleased to support our friends in the local dinghy fleet, the Hamble Foxers, and the Royal Southern Yacht Club, fighting cancer at present. They know they are in our thoughts all the time. We’re doing this race for them and everyone else who will ever face cancer and with more investment, beat it!

The Fastnet is something almost religious. It’s cold, wet and can be absolutely miserable. It’s either blowing half-pelicans or nothing at all. I’ve definitely come home sunburnt, but other times it felt like frostbite. You never know what’s coming next and the forecasts can be all over the place which makes strategy and tactics tough. But it’s a race you can’t miss. Some years it works. Some it doesn’t. In 2007 we had to give up following a storm. But, back in 2009 we trained and raced hard, becoming RORC Season Champions. This year, we’re taking it easy, doing a ‘Cruising Fastnet’ in Batfish V. We’re going to hold a ‘come dine with me’ competition on board to find the best cook. And perhaps we’ll dress for dinner each evening.. but that’s weather dependent. The rules of the Fastnet are very simple – if you prepare for the worst, you are unlikely to be disappointed. My usual strategy is to buy new oil-skins and boots just before the race which pretty much ensures the weather will be balmy… but this year I don’t think I will… so I suppose we’re in for a storm!”

Please sponsor Bill and the Batfish V crew and offer your words of encouragement using the donation form below.  Thank you!

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Bill and Batfish V take on the Fastnet
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