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At the ‘4 Cancer Group’ we have a number of tangible objectives for delivery before the end of 2025. Although our primary objective is to be a consistent provider of quality respite services for families living with cancer, we also have a number of research activities designed to continuously improve the services that we offer.

“Our ultimate objective is to create lasting memories for families affected by cancer.”
– Graham Precey, Chairman


Since 2001 we have been providing days out and short breaks for families affected by cancer. Everything we do is focused on creating lasting memories for the families who we help – for the cancer patient and their wider family.

The number of people we have helped has grown consistently over time. Based on feedback from the families we help we have developed a range of bespoke day trips and short breaks which enable families to spend valuable time together away from the stresses of hospital wards and the many distractions when at home.

We now have a wide range of day trips for patients and family members. From sailing days, afternoon teas and spa visits we have something for everyone. In addition, we are able to offer a wide range of longer breaks and holidays through an extensive list of respite partners.

A century of respite days by 2025

By the end of 2025, we aim to have delivered 100 years worth of of respite days. A century of respite days is the equivalent of 36,500 days.

By the end of 2018, we had delivered 24,689 days or 67% of the 100 year objective. We are on track to achieve this target ahead of time!


Respite days delivered


Pecentage of target delivered

Respite Lodge

Despite securing very attractive commercial rates at holiday parks across the UK for our short break programme, we know that our unit cost would drop significantly if we had our own respite lodge(s). Similarly, we could guarantee that we had availability all year round which we do not for many of the products which we currently ‘buy in’ from our partners.

Consequently, we have campaign in place to raise £386,000 to buy and operate a respite lodge.  Even if an eight person lodge were to operate at 50% capacity over one year, it would provide a staggering 1,460 respite days per annum.

We see our respite lodge project as very much our legacy – to be enjoyed by many generations of our beneficiary families over the next decade and beyond. If you would like to support this project, click here >


In partnership with Loughborough University and the University of Brighton, we have a number of research initiatives in place to better understand our impact as a charity. Our ultimate research objective is to fine tune our respite services to offer maximum benefit to the families we help.

At its most simple level, we speak to the families we help and ask how we could improve what we do. We are also very interested in the effects of exercise given the positive effects is can have on both cancer prevention and recovery.

We are fascinated by the emerging research from the US which supports the view that spending time at altitude can have many health benefits. If we can pinpoint the exact altitude and length of time which offers benefits, we can offer specialist alpine respite breaks as part of our respite portfolio. Find out more here >

Our Partners

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