NEWS 13th Feb 2017

Sunsail A Team take on the Southampton Half!

Dee Caffari
Dee Caffari

In 1972 a crack ‘jogging’ unit was sent to prison by a military court for a crime they didn't commit. These men and women promptly escaped from a maximum security stockade to the Southampton underground. Today, still wanted by the government, they survive as ‘runners’ of fortune.

Sunsail is the official sailing partner of the ABP Southampton Half Marathon and will be entering a team of intrepid runners, AKA The ‘A Team’, into the race.

If you have a problem - if no one else can help - and if you can find them - maybe you can hire: The Sunsail A-Team.

The Sunsail A Team will be raising funds for Sail 4 Cancer, Sunsail’s charity of the year. The Sunsail A Team’s members include:

  • Dee ‘Hannibal’ Caffari MBE
  • Helena ‘Murdock’ Lucas MBE
  • Sarah ‘BA’ Ayton OBE
  • Harry ‘Kenco’ Speeding
  • Graham ‘Faceman’ Bristowe
  • Richard ‘Captain Crane’ Buckingham
  • Simon ‘Colonel Lynch’ Boulding
  • Lucy ‘Triple A’ Black
  • Mike ‘Colonel Decker’ Hatch

Please support our A Team as they compete in the ABP Southampton Half Marathon and run cancer out of town!

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Go team Sunsail!!!


+ £5.00
Gift Aid
Good luck guys!!! Do us proud!

Send these reprobates back to prison if they don't beat my time of 2'09"!! Good luck Sunsail A Team!
From Josephine williams


+ £5.00
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Go dream team! :)


+ £2.50
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A Massive good Luck to the Sunsail A Team, Elishia x


+ £2.50
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Good luck Sunsail A-Team!!
From Mr T P Hunt

Good luck from everyone at Sunsail!
From Mr T P Hunt


+ £1.25
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Good Luck Guys
From M Hlavaty


+ £10.00
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Go team Sunsail!!!
From Simon P Boulding


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Go Team Sunsail
From F P Dundon

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