Solent Sailing Day - 15 August 2018

These trips are an amazing respite opportunity. A day spent with family and friends, focussing on something new and different, offers a real break from hospital and treatment. Guests are encouraged to have a go at sailing the boat and often really surprise themselves at what they can achieve. The confidence boost they experience spills over into other areas of their life and the glow remains for long after they are back on shore.

These trips are free apart from travel to and from the port and include lunch. Participants are encouraged to bring along family or a friend to share in their day out and most trips are suitable for anyone of 14 years or older. There are no medical staff on board the trips, so we cannot take anyone who needs constant medical supervision, and guests need to have a level of fitness and agility in order to move around the boat. However we can often accommodate people with movement restriction and other disabilities as long as we know in advance.

  • Suitable for those aged 14 and over.
  • No sailing experience necessary.
  • There is no charge for participating in a Solent Sailing Day.

Date for 2018: 15 August from Port Solent, Portsmouth

Some of the many lovely comments from 2017

"A day in which all your cares and worries seem to disappear as you are carefully taken out of your normal daily comfort zone and transported into a totally different cared for situation. What is not to love about a day like this? THANKS!" Kevin

"Brilliant day - it was great to be able to forget about health issues and enjoy a day on the water with lovely people. I think mental attitude has a lot to do with keeping well and this day certainly boosted my morale and provided a valuable distraction." Colin

"It was great to spend the day living in the moment. It's all too easy to worry about what has been or fret about what will be, it's good to switch your brain off from that and just enjoy the day." Sara

"Once out of the harbour the sails were hoisted and Gary offered for me to take the helm... Within minutes I was able to relax and smile like I haven't for a long time." Michelle

Solent Days
Solent Days
Solent Days

Typical Agenda

Solent Days

Before the event, participants will receive a joining pack which will contain details of what to wear, what to bring, where to meet and how to get there (including guidelines on car parking), plus forms to be completed before the event.

9.00 Arrive at the marina (arranging own transport).

Coffee and bacon roll/pastry with a safety brief and a tour of your boat.

10.00 Set sail into the Solent, at a pace dictated by the weather and the preferences of the group. Opportunities to take the helm, manoeuvre the yacht and trim the sails.

12.30 Lunch on board, moored up in a harbour or bay as appropriate.

1.30 Afternoon sail back to the docks, with more opportunities to have a go at sailing the yacht - or perhaps a go at racing the other boat!

4.30 Arrive back at the docks.

Solent Days
These sessions can be as lively or as relaxing as you wish; some people enjoy a spot of gentle sightseeing, getting a different viewpoint of local landmarks, others like to engage in a spot of racing. However you choose to spend your day, it will certainly be one you will remember as quality time spent with family and friends.

All life jackets and wet weather gear will be provided.

To apply for a sailing trip please fill in the sailing trips application form

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