NEWS 10th May 2016

Claude's Jester Azores Challenge

Claude Van Martyn
Claude Van Martyn

Claude Van Martyn is to take up the latest Jester Challenge - a 500 miles solo sail to the Azores.

The Jester Challenges are definitely not for the faint hearted, not least as they are only for sailing vessels between 20 and 30 feet, which are to be sailed single handed using only wind or human power. There are no official rules and regulations for these challenges as the solo sailors are expected to use their own wits and judgement. And no actual prizes! Yet Claude Van Martyn is still a keen participant.

Claude says: “So this year we Jesters are off from Plymouth to the Azores: I have always wanted to go there but never had the excuse, so with the challenge to that destination this year how could I refuse the opportunity?! Many cancer patients and their families are facing the biggest challenge in their lives; me too, but l was able to make the decision myself. I’m hoping that with any money raised through my challenge l can make a small uplift in theirs.”

Please sponsor Claude in his arduous 500 mile challenge, and leave your messages of encouragement suing the form below.

Thank you

And for those of you interested in following Claude’s progress, he says: “The boat name is 'Oui Oui' so those of you with a tracking app (like can track my progress. Plus there will be some videos posted on you tube, under the name 'ourpetboat'”

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Donors & messages of support

Wishing you a safe enjoyable passage Claude..... All the best Jeff & Lynnie x
From Mr J C Olsen

Good luck Claude see you in the Azores I plan to be there at the end of June - let's float about together for a while xxxx
From Anon


+ £5.00
Gift Aid
Fair winds mate, hope to meet up soon.
From Dominic P Brady

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