Gift Your Boat

By donating your boat to Sail 4 Cancer, you will be directly helping British families affected by cancer.

There are two main ways to donate your boat to Sail 4 Cancer. Although different, both options have associated financial benefits:

Leave Your Boat

Manage Inheritance Tax by leaving your boat to Sail 4 Cancer in your Will

Assets which are left to charities in Wills are exempt from Inheritance Tax. Consequently, boat owners can use the market value of their boat to reduce the amount of Inheritance Tax their family will owe after they die.

By leaving your boat to Sail 4 Cancer, you will be able to enjoy your boat as you get older, secure in the knowledge that when you die it will not become a millstone to your family. Even if your boat is moored overseas, it will immediately cease to be a cost or liability.

Through our partnerships with specialist law firm Hill Dickinson, Sail 4 Cancer can help you to plan ahead for the future. Find out more >

Donate Your Boat

Donate your boat to Sail 4 Cancer and benefit from Gift Aid

Donate Your Boat UK

Sail 4 Cancer's 'Donate Your Boat' model enables boat owners to quickly dispose of their vessels without incurring any more costs. This is particularly helpful for people who are facing escalating maintenance costs or where monthly mooring or storage costs are becoming a burden.

Once accepted for the scheme, any debts owed against the vessel will be paid off from the final selling price, with the net proceeds being passed to Sail 4 Cancer as a donation. To maximise the value of the donation to Sail 4 Cancer, brokerage fees are waived or kept to an absolute minimum (thanks to our partnership with Boatshed). We can also help you to freeze mooring fees whilst the boat is sold.

By donating the net proceeds of the sale to Sail 4 Cancer, UK taxpayers are able to increase the value of their donation to Sail 4 Cancer by 25% under the Government's Gift Aid scheme. What's more, higher rate tax payers are also eligible for tax relief which equates to 20% to 30% of the gross value of the gift." Find out more >

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