NEWS 24th Jul 2008

The Neilson Team at Lesvos are at it again...!

Photo courtesy of Jill Butterworth
Photo courtesy of Jill Butterworth

Last year it was a 'Channel Swim' challenge, complete with all the traditional rules and in competition against their sister resort in Lemnos. This year the guys in Lesvos have raised the bar and are going for it with the latest craze in watersports, doing a sponsored 24 hours Stand Up Paddleboard (SUP) challenge. A what?

Team member Sam Ross explains; "Stand up paddle boarding is a sport which at the moment is exploding in the UK. It is a form of surfing which has the rider standing on a surfing longboard with a paddle. This allows the surfer to catch smaller waves, but also more often just adds another way and dimension of enjoying your time on the water. It is also popular in places where there are no waves as many people will go for a paddle for fitness or just to explore the coastline. At the moment it is one of the fastest growing sports in the UK and among many people who are looking for a way to enjoy the water when the wind isn't up."

The Lesvos team, made up of Sam, Mike 'Big Z' Hayhurst, Frazer Leckey and Liam Hutchinson, will paddle one at a time attempting to have a total combined time of 24 hours. Each member of the team will paddle for 2 hours before swapping with their team mate. The challenge will take place through the night and run continuously from 7pm on the 17th of August till 7pm on the 18th of August. The event will be supported by a combined team of Guests and staff who will kayak for short time periods alongside the SUP team offering safety and support.

Having already held a charity auction and several game shows this season, these enthusiastic fundraisers have now commenced training for their SUP challenge. Sam continues: "As we endeavour to set targets for the distance to be covered so the challenge as a concept keeps growing." Keep watching this space for new rules, regulations and requirements.

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