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Draig O'r Mor Fastnet Campaign - Disaster Strikes

a good turn of speed - just before the disaster
a good turn of speed - just before the disaster

As the Fastnet draws ever closer, we have an update on Draig O'r Mor and her crew. The fundraising has been going very well, with support from many different people; Kay says she is "really overwhelmed" by the support they are receiving. A sponsored slim 4 cancer at Kay's work, a Tea by the Sea at Weymouth Sailing Club, and a very kind youngster who has donated all her birthday presents! Dean & Reddyhof Portland Marina have agreed to donate the proceeds from their annual berth holders party to the cause as well. Kay is very keen to stress that - despite the news below - "All money donated goes straight to Sail 4 Cancer - none is used to finance our campaign."

Disaster - a sight no sailor wants to see

The sailing was also going really well, with Draig and her crew learning valuable lessons, working out tactics and generally having an exhilarating time racing. In the Rorc De Guingand Bowl they finished 6th out of 24 beating all the other British boats. Then in the Myth of Malham Race at the end of May, the unthinkable happened. Kay explains: "There was a combination of a hasty gybe, a large wave and a big gust. Nick and I were below. We heard a big bang and a bucket of spanners being emptied??? Shooting out on deck to look for damage all appeared well but the boom was rather high. Back down below I was horrified to see a crease in the mast from side to side around the front where the coach roof anchoring points are. We span Draigy round and simultaneously put back stay on to support the rig. The crease opened up as the mast righted and I shouted to Nick to keep well away in case it broke off. With sails down we admitted defeat and motored."

Draig O'r Mor crew 2011

This was not the end of the adventure though as they were worried that they had insufficient fuel to motor back to Weymouth Harbour, but the tides were against them harbouring anywhere closer. The Coastguard was alerted but Draig was not the only vessel in trouble that day... You can read all the detail here:

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Thank you so much to Michelle & Sam ( Bride & Groom), Phil & Daphne ( proud dad & mum) for arranging a sweepstake of the length of speeches at their wedding
From s k mead


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Well done to Kay and team from Rick and Paul
From S Bruton


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Well done on your fantastic achievement. Both beating cancer and a fab race!
From Mrs Amy Hadgett

Amazing result in the race guys, superb
From np findlay


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Good luck Team Draig
From Mr G L May


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good luck


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Best of British you lot. Wish I could be with you!. x
From Mr Peter Colquitt


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A donation from mike carter at the last last supper
From mrs k mead


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good luck K & K will follow your progress as usual
From Mr Brian COLQUITT

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